The A Song A Week project is firing on all cylinders, so in case you want to catch-up here's some links to what you might have missed. Remember to check out the blog at to follow week by week and the story behind each new song. 



ASAW#6 Just check the video page!!!






I've set myself the challenge of recording and releasing a new song online every week. I'm still working on the album and other future releases, but I thought it'd be nice to invite everyone into the creative process and the best way to do that is through a regular release of new music. So once a week I'll be releasing a new track somewhere on the web. Most of these are going to be experimental, sometimes they may even be very short, but I'm hoping that new listeners will discover the music and join me on this adventure. 

I'm also hoping that by doing this collaborators will emerge. if anyone is interested in creating artwork, writing lyrics, recording vocals, remixing or making videos for any of the tracks that I'll be sharing then please get in touch. It'd be really exciting to see if we can make this something even bigger and to share and expand this burst of creativity that I'll be trying to maintain each week. 

So the name for this experiment and project is A Song A Week, I've also created a blog that will act as a home for all the tracks which you can visit here:

ASAW#1 Typewriter is live now on my sound cloud page, or you can access it via the A Song A Week blog. I hope you like the new track and are excited about the project as I am. Get ready for lots more new music over the coming weeks and months, I'm going to be very busy! 

New single World Goes By is out now, featuring World Goes By and Bleeops from the next album and the bonus tracks Blackhawk and Eastward. It's available from the usual online places so follow the links around the page and available for streaming now via and Spotify in a few days probably. If you want to buy the single - CD Baby is the cheapest place to get it. 

World Goes By cover

I just wanted to send a quick message out to listeners of Radio Airplay, or anyone that might want to go to following this news.

I've been really busy working on new tracks and as they're a bit different to the music I've released so far, I've been testing some new stuff via Radio Airplay as a way of seeing what people think of them. It's been an interesting experiment so far and I've learned a lot including how and when people respond to the music. For example I put some tracks from The Carpentry E.P. onto Radio Airplay, and this attracted more positive feedback at the start of the week, whereas the newer stuff that I've tested so far is more uptempo and gets much better feedback in the run up to the weekend. I know that's a probably fairly obvious result to most people - but just small nuggets like that are really useful to me, especially when it comes to working on the running order for releases and sets. 

I just wanted to say thanks to the fans/non-fans that have heard the new material this way, the feedback and how people are responding really means a lot and helps me immensely. It's also incredibly exciting to see people from all over the world getting the music and following lexlabs. I'm still working on the tracks that I've shared this way so far and there's lots more to come, so stay tuned. 

A big thanks to the brilliant A Closer Listen for their review of The Carpentry E.P. you can take a look here

A quick update on the free album The Carpentry E.P., there's only a couple of places where it's free. So if you'd like to get it for free, please click the Releases section above and download from there, or if that's too long a process, I've now put the whole album on Soundcloud as a download too. There should now be a button on the right of this page that takes you to my Soundcloud page.

If you like what you hear, then please follow me on twitter, Facebook and all the other social ways, as there will be lots more new music coming soon. 

It's new release day. The Carpentry E.P. is now available for you to enjoy, click on the releases section above and... it's a free download!

A small bit of background info about the E.P. In case you couldn't tell that's cult film director and composer John Carpenter (Halloween, The Fog, Escape From New York, The Thing) on the cover. I'm a huge fan of his movies and probably an even bigger fan of his film scores. Tempting as it was, I didn't want to do an album of Carpenter covers - that's already been done by the brilliant Zombie Zombie. Although I have thought about a covers album of Zombie Zombie plays John Carpenter, is that absurd or brilliant? I'm not sure yet.

The Carpentry E.P. is a collection of tracks that have a John Carpenter feel, or influence over them. It's not really intended to be imitating his style, more going for the same feeling and mood. Choosing similar sounds and rhythms to create the same atmosphere that his music inhabits. In other words, the music is Carpenter-y or… as I prefer, Carpentry!

Like I said above, it's a free download here, although it may show up in other places to download for a small fee (that's out of my control for now) It's my gift to you, so click that download button and I hope you like what you hear. What are you waiting for?

Coming very soon, I'll be sharing a new E.P. that has a special theme. There's already a big clue to the theme in one of the tracks I've already put on the site. It's different from the album, I'd say it's certainly darker - that's another clue by the way.

A quick follow-up on the previous post, here's the second video from the album. This one is for Nighthawks.


I can't decide if I want to be performing diabolical deeds or displays of dazzling dexterity from the laboratory? Diabolical deeds has a more natural mad scientist ring to it, but it doesn't quite fit what I actually do here. Anyway, some distinguished words beginning with the letter D are needed, most definitely. 

Where am I going with this? What I really wanted to share are some new videos I've made for the album and that are now up on YouTube. I've only had time to make two so far and I'll try to make some for the other tracks soon, but for now here's the videos for 12 72 and Nighthawks. First up is 12 72, I'll put the Nighthawks video in a separate post. 

Things are moving pretty fast, I've been busy in the laboratory working on some exciting new projects to share with you. I'm not quite ready to harness lightning and give life to a monster, but it's getting closer everyday.

The big news is that the album 'Stardust and to Whisper' is now available online, I didn't think it would be out there for a few more weeks, but it now lives online via a lot of places such as Spotify, iTunes, CD baby, Amazon, Lastfm and many, many more. I've added some links to the site so you can find the album and you can also access the album via the Store page. 

Hello and welcome to my website. This is now the online home for my music, so I thought I'd get some chairs around the fireplace to make it more comfortable.

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